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Hello. If you are visiting our website for the first time, welcome!

Since March of last year, our ability to gather for in-person worship has been and continues to be determined by the Episcopal Pastoral Directive and recommendations from our ELCA Bishop, by rising or falling COVID-19 infection rates and orders issued by various state authorities. Michigan's four dioceses (Episcopal) are now allowing a return to in-person worship (Phase 2) beginning on Palm Sunday (March 28). We are allowed to return, but are not obligated to do so, since state-wide and local metrics may continue to rise and fall and must continue to be monitored. But for now, we are returning to limited in-person worship, while continuing to live-stream our services on our Facebook page. (please note that the worship videos continue to be available for viewing after the worship date/time if you are unable to join us “live”)

We’re allowed a total of 25 in the sanctuary (including the Altar Party), so persons #26 and up will be directed to physically-distanced seating in St. Michael’s Hall, where they can watch the service on a large ceiling-mounted TV (and may still come forward for Holy Communion).

Here’s a recap of the guidelines for in-person worship:

  • Please take your temperature before leaving home. If you’re not feeling well, if you're immunocompromised, or just feel the risk is too great; you’re encouraged to stay home and join us on the Two Churches’ FaceBook page as we will continue to Live-stream the worship services. (that big yellow box is a link to the FB page!)
  • Masks must be properly worn over the mouth and nose the entire time you're in the building - regardless of vaccination status.
  • Bulletins will be available for you to pick up (the usher will not hand one to you).
  • Pews will be marked off, and the sanctuary will (as much as possible) be filled from front to back; and physically-distanced seating will be observed for those not in the same household.
  • There will be live (organ or piano) music, but no singing.
  • The Offering Plate will not be passed. It will sit on a table by the door with the Little Church Bank. You may drop your pledge envelope in when arriving or leaving.
  • The Peace will be shared ONLY in place, with no hugs, handshakes, fist or elbow bumps.
  • Celebrations and birthday blessings will be offered from where you sit. (No candy will be given out, as we have often done in the past)
  • Spiritual Communion is available for those who cannot be with us in person. The prayer will be in the bulletin for those at home to pray. In-person Communion in one kind (wafer) will be administered (and our denominations are very clear that when we receive in one kind, we receive in both kinds).
  • Individuals or households will come forward one at a time. Rev. Mike will place the wafer in your hand. Please walk back to your pew, and once you’re seated you may raise your mask and consume the wafer. When you or your household are seated, the next individual or household may come forward.
  • Announcements will be made.
  • When you are dismissed, the sanctuary will empty from back to front (maintaining six feet distance between individuals or families). There will be no receiving line. There will be no coffee hour. Please exit the building.
  • Rest rooms will be available for one person at a time; and when you are finished, someone will go in and sanitize for the next person.

  • We hope to see as many of you as possible, as we celebrate Christ's resurrection during this Easter season. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Welcome to Two Churches

    In a spirit of community, Two Churches brings together people from all walks of life. Our congregation believes in justice and equality, love and responsibility, and breaking down denominational tribalism. Here you will find ancient traditions yet modern language, authentic sermons, and open doors. No matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Please join us for one of our worship services.

    “Together in faith, bringing God’s love to the world.”

    What you'll find

    Two Churches is a community of Christians who practice an ancient faith through a modern lens. We come together to bring the love of Christ alive in Kentwood.

    Worship is both traditional and modern, with scripture readings, a sermon, & prayers. There's typically a Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion — the presence of Christ in the forms of bread and wine), and you are invited to join us at the Lord's Table. Due to the pandemic, we are currently offering a 10 AM virtual worship service via Facebook Live, and joining together with a prayer for Spiritual Communion. While there may be some background organ or piano music provided at times, there is currently no singing.

    When we return again to in-person worship, if you are able to join us at the church, please feel free to wear what’s comfortable. You’ll see a wide range of styles here, from business casual to jeans and shorts. Whether we are able to worship in-person or not, we will continue to stream our service online via Facebook Live, and we hope you can join us. Our worship is also often followed by a "virtual" coffee hour held via Zoom. Subscribe to our email notifications to get the link for the Zoom meeting, or contact the church office. Either way, we look forward to meeting you!


    Two Churches strives to make a REAL difference in the community around us.
    "What happens at Two Churches does not stay at Two Churches!"

    Diaper Depot

    Low-income families with infants & small children often have to choose between diapers and other necessities such as food or transportation. Diaper Depot helps those families stretch their budgets by offering a free package of diapers, and currently serves an average of 173 infants & children each month. Due to COVID-19, a small but dedicated crew of volunteers have been operating our Diaper Depot as a "curbside" service each month so we can continue to serve our neighbors, whose needs are greater now than ever!

    Feeding Ministries

    Much of our community ministry efforts focus on supporting organizations that seek to find solutions to poverty, and more specifically food insecurity. This includes the Green Apple Food Pantry (formerly John Knox Food Pantry), and ACCESS of West Michigan, and our ministries include monthly collections as well as special events. During the pandemic, our monthly collections continue as able, and we are supporting many of our ministry efforts with "virtual" events. Even our 16th Annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser has gone virtual!

    Other Ministries

    Matthew 22:36-40 teaches us that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, and it is our understanding that this means EVERYONE. We strive to show that love in a tangible way through a variety of programs and volunteer events. Reflecting a key phrase of the ELCA, this is "God's Work. Our Hands."

    Who we are

    Two Churches is The Church of the Holy Cross (Episcopal) & Ascension Lutheran Church (ELCA), two Kentwood congregations with a long history of collaboration, who came together in 2014 as one Christian community, worshipping and “being church” together in one building. We are inclusive and ecumenical. We are both Lutheran & Episcopal, yet many of our members & friends come from other backgrounds as well, all finding welcome here. Together, we seek to better understand God’s unconditional love for us all, and to share God’s message of love with the community around us.

    From the blog

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    There's a place for you here.

    Meet us Sundays at 10 AM